The Flash Mob Returns!

Allison Wallace, Staff Reporter

The Charles Herbert Flowers Photography Club has returned. With a new name and many new ideas to explore, the Flash Mob is ready to get the 2011-2012 school year started. The student interest in the Photography club in previous years and the new school hours motivated Mr. Hobbs, the club advisor, to restart the club.

“A lot of students showed interest in the club so I decided to try it this year,” said Mr. Hobbs.

The Flash Mob will be participating in field trips, fundraisers, and contests. The first contest of the year is called “What We Do is Who We are.”The task is to capture a photograph of a student or staff member at Charles H. Flowers doing their job. The club decided that there will be no president or vice president, but there will be treasurers. The elected treasures are Londoun Jackson, a junior, and Ciarrah Pierre, a junior.

“It’s exciting, being elected as treasurer. I am looking forward to the future with the other

members of the Flash Mob,” said Jackson.

The club allows students to express themselves and proves to be a good outlet for members.

“I like photography club because it gives me a way to express my emotions,” said Erica Thorner, a junior who is a member of the club.

The students in the Flash Mob are excited and looking forward to the future of the club.