Black People Who Changed the World


Patricia Daniel

Matthew A. Henson

Matthew Henson was born August 6, 1866. He went to sea at the age of 13. He was hired by Robert E.Peary who had hired Henson as his personal assistant. Together they discovered the passage of the North Pole. He received the Navy Medal in 1945 and died in 1955 in New York.
Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was born a slave in Dorchester County, Maryland and she was 29 years old when she escaped from slavery. She suffered throughout her life with seizures resulting from a fatal encounter. She guided over 1,000 slaves to freedom.
Leon day

Leon Day was born in Alexandria, VA on October 30,1916. He joined the baseball Silver Moons pro team. He struck 18 batters and he fought in segregation army. He was in a Negro league.
Thurgood Marshall

A civil rights lawyer, Thurgood Marshall, ruled Brown vs board of education, He used courts to fight for equality. He attended colored high and training school and he led the national association for the advancement of colored peoples.
Judge Harry A. Cole

Judge Harry A Cole was the first Black to serve on Maryland highest court and first elected to the state senate. He made history in the Maryland political history.
Victorine Q. Adams

Victorine Q Adams was an Afro American politics and civic leader. She was the first black woman on the city council. She founded the colored women’s democratic campaign committee in 1946.