Black History Month: Unrecognized Historic African-American Figures Series pt.2

Vanessa Roachè

Black History month is a celebration and remembrance of Black excellence. It is held in the month of February, and is observed (recognized) by the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands. In this month, we remember all of the African-American figures that contributed to make society what it is today. From well-known public figures such as Martin Luther King to obscure people such as Noble Drew Ali, the founder of the Moorish Science Temple of America in Newark, N.J. It is imperative to remember all of the unrecognized lives that contributed to our ‘freedom’ today.
Part two of our series….
Benjamin Singleton (1809–1900)

Benjamin Singleton was an American activist and businessman known for his role in establishing African-American settlements in Kansas.
After being held in slavery in Tennessee, Singleton escaped to freedom in 1846 and became a noted abolitionist, community leader and spokesman for African-American civil rights.He returned to Tennessee during the Union occupation in 1862.
After Reconstruction, Singleton organized the movement of thousands of Black colonists, known as Exodusters.He became involved in promoting and coordinating Black-owned businesses in Kansas, and developed an interest in the Back-to-Africa movement.