All About Homecoming Court

Safura Tanveer, Extras Editor

With Homecoming Week just a few more days away, Homecoming Court nominees are in intense campaigning mode. Fliers, posters, and stickers have been flooding the school halls. There are few requirements that a Homecoming court nominee must obey. First, you must be selected by and a member of the class you are running for. You must have a GPA of 2.5 or above without any E’s. You must also show admirable character.
During homecoming week the elected members of each garde must participate in the Homecoming Parade, Homecoming Game, and during halftime activities. Lastly, you are required to have on an evening gown/suit.
The following students are running for homecoming court:
• King: Khalil Douglas, Malik Harris, Edwin Walker
• Queen: Camille Holly, Laci Taylor, Damia Forgy, Kathryn Burks,
• Prince: Kofi Andoh, Shawn Elliot, Darecce Graves
• Princess: Destany Harrison. Pamela O, Josephine Hill, Tierra Parker
• Duke: N/A
• Duchess: Peggy Banks, Antonise Tyer, Ariana Duckett, Jordan Roy, Diamond Smith
• Lord: N/A
• Lady: Jaida Brooks