BLM Discussion in Mrs. Williams Class

Patricia Daniel

Mrs. Williams’ AP Lang class spoke on their thoughts about the Black Lives Matter Movement and how some things around the world may send the wrong message to the wrong person in America. They spoke of the good and bad side of the Black Lives Matter Movement and how many people think that it is a way to cope with what is going on in the world.
They feel that the Black Lives Matter is based on equality and threats; saying the “N-word” as a way to describe a black person is an insult and calling us out our name.
They feel that white people would have something to say when a black person would defend themselves as  a union. One song can defend what a black person is about and the bad words that most raps and songs have should not be said because it gives many people a reason to be called something they do not want to be called.
The United States needs to change for the better and negative words against one another should not be said in a public place. They feel as it goes for all nations and we should all be based on equality. They feel that each nation has a name that they would not want others  to call them. Therefore, it should not be said because it gives the wrong message to different race.