African American Culture

Shaiyann Palmore

Black History Month is a time to celebrate African American culture. For centuries African Americans have been renown for their contributions to technology, academics, the arts and more. However, their works in art forms such as music and dance have been celebrated the most. In the origins of African drums, string, and wood wind instruments were created. The drums included kettles,barrels, and clay pots. Drums were used in celebrations for musical purposes as well as ancestral worship, and healing ceremonies. In Africa, string instruments weren’t widely used, however the best known string instruments were the fiddle and the kora. The kora is similar to harp. As time went on, African Americans were put into slavery and began to create the roots of modern music genres starting with African slave spirituals. As result genres such as blues, ragtime, jazz, R&B, and funk became apart of American culture. Without these early musical genres we would not have hip-hop, ┬árap, ┬ápop, or rock music. Let alone have musical icons such as Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Tupac or Beyonce.