Chinese Exchange Student Welcoming Ceremony

Neima Belewa and Malik Thomas

On Monday January 29,  2018, ten Chinese exchange students visited the school for a week. The major clubs and organizations of the school came out to sing, dance, and provide a few words to help them with their high school experience.
The Cheer Team, Drama Club, Step Team, and the Poms team came out to perform for them. The Drama Club provided the most memorable performance with a sneak peak to Spring play, “Can You Feel It: Michael Jackson the Musical.”
The AFJROTC color guard presented the colors and played the star spangled banner to give the exchange students a piece of AFJROTC. AFJROTC along with everyone else who performed, introduced themselves and had conversations with them. The exchange students couldn’t speak good english so students from the chinese honor society translated to the best of their ability.
This experience was very refreshing and we, at Charles Herbert Flowers, hope they come back again.