Algebra Tricks

Langmia Junior

How do you become a math magician right out of basic algebra? Use a few basic math tricks to impress your fellow peers. Let’s check this out!
First, ask your peer to think of his/her shoe size and not say it out loud. They should then multiply their shoe size by five then add fifty to the total. After that, they should multiply the total by twenty and add 1018 to the total. Finally, they should subtract the value of their birth year from their current total.
From the result, you get a set of numbers. Each set represents something different. If two numbers the first digit is their shoe size and the second digit is their age.
If three numbers, the first digit is their shoe size and the last two digits are the persons age.
If four numbers, the first two digits are their shoe size while the last two digits are their age.
Note that the age you get is the age you must have at the end of this year. Enjoy!