We Waited in the Cold for You

Meghan Brown, General Reporter

It’s about 7 o’clock in the morning, approximately 50°F. The entrance near the bus lot is locked at CHFHS. The only unlocked doors are the lobby and gym doors but only the gym doors are open to students. The lobby doors are open for teachers only. No student can enter the school through the lobby. The bus lot doors are locked until an administrator can supervise students in the school. No students can go to the second floor or be on Main Street without an administrator allowing him/her.
Jessica Brown said, “If we are not suppose to enter the building before a certain time then why do the buses come so early?”
According to Mr. Crumb, “Everything has to be closely monitored.”
He said buses are supposed to arrive at 7:10 A.M., and students are to stay on the bus until an administrator is able to supervise students. Walkers can either wait outside or walk around to the gym doors.
Whose idea was it to do this, though? Mrs. Jones and administration are supposed to carry out this order.
This is supposed to reduce or stop loitering, bullying, theft, and socializing in the morning.  It helps everything flow better than it did in the past.
“I enjoy the peace and quiet in the morning,” said English teacher, Ms. Loftin.
Altogether, this is to help with safety issues. With an administrator monitoring students, few students can attempt to break the school code of conduct.
This policy is still currently in place. However, it is not being actively enforced.The official procedure, for now, is students will still enter through the gym doors. Even during bad weather, students will have to walk to the back of the school and enter through the gym doors.