Mr. Boone: The Veteran


Meghan Brown, General Reporter

On the day lockers were distributed, of course, administrators were always more than busy. In his room are cliché motivational posters and statements from the Student Code of Conduct. There is a poster that reads “Be Your Own Person” and another that basically says your actions today affect your destiny tomorrow. At one point in time, he was a teacher for twelve years. His subject of choice? History.

What is this new administrator’s name? Thornton Boone. But is he really new?

Although he may seem new, this is not his first time at Charles Herbert Flowers High School. He was an administrator at Flowers four years ago. He has been at Suitland High School, but due to staff reductions, he was transferred back to Flowers. He says he does see a change in Flowers. He notes there are more “positive influences” then there were four years ago. His observations include more students following the rules at Flowers than in the past.
Chaz Scott said, “The freshmen class of 2015 is fortunate enough to have Mr. Boone as their administrator.”

He has high expectations for his class. He intends on having a “90% graduation rate,” and at least “70% of his students attending a college” after graduation. Best of all, he has a way to ensure this. He plans on having a scholarship wall and something to help his students with community service. He says his “young Jaguars” need to grow or mature a little more but he obviously has high expectations for his Jaguars.

Mrs. Clarke said, ” I think he is an outstanding leader, and I am happy he is back at Flowers.”