Valentine Fun Time

Shaiyann Palmore

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so here are some ideas of how to impress your significant other. With all the modern technology in the world people text and DM back and forth all the time. Let’s take a step back into the past and write a love letter. Get a pen and a sheet of paper, then write to your heart’s content. Tell your special person how much you love them and just how much they mean to you. Make a memory collage. Buy a poster board the color of your choice then decorate it with Valentine’s day arts and craft supplies. Fill the middle of the paper with pictures of your favorite memories. Since it’ winter time an indoor activity might be best for your enjoyment. Go to your favorite restaurant or perhaps where you had your first date. If you are a less formal couple ice skating, roller skating, or date to Dave & Buster’s might work for you.