Mrs. Weaver: Guidance Coordinator Excels Past 15 Years

Andrew McLin, General Reporter

“Keeps me balanced”, that was the response I got from Mrs. Marla Weaver, a woman whose family, lifestyle, and career seem to do just that. Mrs. Weaver has been coordinating for 6 years, and was just recently moved here to CHFHS.

When asked what the requirements for her position were, she replied, “A bachelor’s degree, a master’s in counseling psychology, and experience with kids.”

She started out teaching with her bachelor’s in English, which she did for 15 years before “moving up”, and she enjoyed it. “I just fell into teaching and loved it!”

Mrs. Weaver has always enjoyed helping and guiding young people so that they many have a brighter future. However when we asked about her daily routine, she said she doesn’t have one.

“You can’t have a daily routine in this job. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!”

When asked about her strengths and weaknesses, she claimed that diversity and people skills were the top strengths and punctuation was her weakness “for sure”.

One thing you may not know about her is that she is a Star Wars fanatic; she started watching it around seven or eight years old and has been a diehard fan for more than 30 years.

With her friendly personality, stunning demeanor, and positive mindset, she’s definitely one to have in your future.