Ms. Fung: Introducing Flowers' New Art Teacher

Ms. Fung: Introducing Flowers' New Art Teacher

Jahne Campbell, General Reporter

Previously an art teacher at Northwestern High School, Sonya Fung joined the Flowers staff. Before receiving a teacher certificate and graduating from Hillsdale College in Michigan (receiving her masters at University Of Virginia), she concentrated on economy and finance. She previously worked as a private enterprise designer, in real estate, and renovated houses.

Inspired by her favorite artist Romare Bearden, her class focused on 2D and 3D drawings, painting, collages, and sculpting.

“I like helping people find their strengths. Art is about understanding and expressing yourself,” she said.

She has worked on both the elementary and middle school level also, but has settled with high school.

“I see the result of motivation on this level faster.” She feels comfortable with the kids at CHFHS, because they are open minded to expanding their thoughts.