Ms. Cotton: Opportunity Comes Knocking

Ms. Cotton: Opportunity Comes Knocking

Jessica Brown, Extras Editor

Imagine driving alone for 23 hours, from Texas to Maryland. This was the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Ms. La’ Sharne Cotton.

Born in Miami, Florida, young Ms. Cotton dreamed of attending Howard University. In her senior year of high school, she was faced with a tremendous dilemma; realizing that it was too late to apply for scholarships and her parents could not afford the cost of tuition. However, with the help of her father who had a very close relationship with a coach in Texas, La’ Sharne was awarded a track scholarship.

“I love track, I grew up in track” said Ms. Cotton.

With no hesitation, her dad sent her off to Houston, Texas. She received a Bachelors degree at Texas Southern University and her Master’s degree at Preairie View A&M University. Born into a family of principles, teachers and coaches, Ms. Cotton was destined to teach. She went to college to become a doctor, but her dad encouraged her to have something to fall back on. Teaching weighed heavily on her heart because she loved inspiring, motivating, and helping young people.

After teaching in a classroom setting for several years, she then served as principal for four years. With a desire to do more with her life she began applying for jobs beyond the Texas borders, somewhere within the United States.

Opportunity came knocking when Ms. Cotton received a phone call from our very own, Ms. Nobles-Jones. Ms. Jones obviously recognized Ms. La’ Sharne Cotton as a woman with great potential. Impressed with her resume and the amount of education and experience she had, Ms. Jones knew she had to have her. Cotton accepted her request and was able to come to Prince Georges County right away.

Cotton, who currently teaches Biology said, “I absolutely love Mrs. Jones!”

Her first day at Charles Herbert Flowers was phenomenal. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Her classroom experience with her new students has been good so far. They are very respectful and well-mannered.

“She is so nice, bubbly, and always has smile on her face!” stated Desarai Bautista, a current student.

The students are still adjusting to being back in school. With the likes of such a nice teacher as Ms. Cotton, it will certainly make the transition much easier. We greet you with open arms! Welcome to Charles Herbert Flowers, home of the Jaguars; A Mecca of Excellence!