Ms. Floyd: Still Going Strong

Ms. Floyd: Still Going Strong

Toyin Akinwande, General Reporter

You may be amazed at how much Ms. Josette Floyd loves teaching, or how long she has been teaching throughout her life. She started in 1977 and has been going strong ever since. There is not one subject she has not taught throughout her years of teaching, including art and music. In her latest endeavor as a teacher, Ms. Floyd is tackling the art of teaching Child Development at CHFHS.

“The job is rewarding and challenging because it is a new setting for me, but I will accept the challenge,” Floyd said about being a new teacher at CHFHS.

Floyd does not see teaching as a 9 to 5 job just to make money; she believes it is an opportunity to be inspired by a student’s growth.

“It inspires me to give them more encouragement to do their best. I enjoyed being a student during my younger years, especially high school,” she said.

Some of her students say she can be strict and can give out too much work, and that her outfits can be a bit “bizarre,” but this definitely hasn’t made them switch out of her class.

Besides being a teacher, Floyd has been alongside a Pharmacist for 18 years, teaching being her 2nd career. She sees it as still being an “educator to the world”. During her free time she enjoys decorating, listening to music, planning events, and design. You can tell by the way she styles her clothes to work every day, making sure to match. She also loves reading and playing with her grandchildren. She has 2 daughters and 1 son, with her son being the oldest.

Ms. Floyd was born and raised in Washington D.C. but resides in Maryland. She has traveled to New York, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia. She has not traveled outside United States but has dreams to travel to Canada and the Islands.

Later on in life, she would like to teach environmental science in South Africa. She wants to be able to teach the kids how to live off the land, and educate them on diseases and issues that affect their health through the environment. Floyd believes adolescence is the time when kids need you the most.

“The rewarding part of teaching is giving them guidance through their adolescence.”