Big Turnout for ASA

Big Turnout for ASA

Toyin Akinwande, General Reporter

The African Student Association’s first interest meeting on Thursday October 13, 2011 turned out to be a huge success. Over 50 students were interested in joining, filling all of 301 and a second room. People from all parts of Africa and non-Africans came out to support this new club.

It all started when two seniors, Olukemi Adeniji and Julianah Adeoye, spoke to Ms. Jones and Ms. Clarke about their new idea to start an African organization. They both approved and initiated it, which did not take long. They chose Mr. Acha and Mr. Isebor to be their sponsors.

Officers Kemi Adeniji, Julianah Adeoye, Hareesa Mohammed, and Daniel Layeni immediately began promoting the new club. First, they made flyers and put them up in populated areas all around the school, so students could see them. Secondly, they went to social networks, a big way of communicating these days, and made a Twitter page to start spreading the information to everyone because that is what most kids are on these days. Through Twitter, they motivated everyone that attends CHFHS, including the non-Africans, to come out and join. By the time Thursday October 13th hit, the whole school was buzzing about it.

“We didn’t expect so much people to come.”, one of the officers, Hareesa Mohammed, said.

As we know, too many people in one place can cause conflict. Settling the anxious kids down was the hard part, but as the meeting continued on, the students began to realize how serious this club is becoming.

The officers then presented a PowerPoint on the purpose of this club and future activities that will be held, including a Potluck around Thanksgiving, a Talent Show before Winter Break, a Fashion Show around Spring, and a Cultural Gathering with all of ASA organizations in the PG area at the end of the year.

“We wanted to, in a way, unify all the Africans or of African relation in CHFHS and get them under one hood to spread awareness of the crisis in Africa and the culture we share.”, Mohammed stated.

The meeting ended off with lots of music, food, and dancing. It was a wonderful get-together.

“It was exciting and fun.” Marianne, a sophomore, said. “Easy to bond with people and very comfortable.”

ASA will be meeting bi-weekly on Thursdays starting the 1st Thursday of November in Mr. Acha’s room 301. There will be a $10 fee to join.