Does changing up your look make you feel different or the same?

Patricia Daniel

Changing up your look does not make you different in the inside.
Changing up your look means you are tired of the same old look every time.
You can change up your look but you can not change your personality and who you are on the inside.  You are still the same person you were a long time ago before you decided to change up your look.  You still feel the same pain you felt before.
Changing up your look makes you look different but does not make you feel different.
Why do you do it?
Why do I change up my looks?
I change up my looks to hide what I feel inside and to hide the fact that I just want to be different and prove something to myself.  So many females change their looks up for many different reasons to satisfy themselves from who they were in the past vs who they want to be in the future.