Dance, Dance, Dance!

Allison Wallace, General Reporter

The Charles H. Flowers High School all around the world Homecoming week reached its final destination at the homecoming dance on Saturday October 22. Students gathered in the gym and celebrated the Flowers Jaguars win against Bowie earlier that day. Attendants were welcomed on Main Street with a journey through various countries, such as India and Italy on “Jaguar Airlines.”
    Students came dressed to impress and ready to take pictures at the photo booth. Sequin dresses, platform heels, and wedges were a big fashion do for the ladies, while some gentlemen wore polo’s and pants.  The DJ played a variety of music including, reggae, go-go, and hip-hop/rap. Students danced all night long and had an overall good time.
    Some students felt the dance was great, while others felt the dance was just okay.
    Morgan Tutt, a junior, said “It was good and creative and very crowd interactive.”
    China McNeal, a junior, said “I think it was fun but the music could’ve been better.” Something that can be taken into consideration for next year’s homecoming.
    Ja’Baree White, a junior, simply said “It was okay.”
    One thing is certain; the students of SGA put their best foot forward and tried their best to make the homecoming of 2011 the greatest.