Relief from Depression

Carley Walker

Stressed out? At your breaking point? Need a shoulder to cry on? Feeling empty? Feeling discouraged?
There are plenty of teachers and admin at Charles Herbert Flowers that are here for you and to also be a open ear for you. Depression is not a normal part of growing older and you should not take it lightly either. Students, I know that sometimes it is discouraging when you feel as though nobody is there for you and it makes you feel empty because you don’t have no one support, but you are not going through this alone.
There are people here to support.  Talk to your parents and your counselors about your situation they are there to help you overcome your depression Instead of trying to think on the situation thats making you depressed try to do something of your interest do not let your situation take a toll over you. Do not try to just go about the situation and not talk to anyone because that will break you down even more, you need to have that support.