Get Ready For The SAT!


Manuel A. Morillo

The March 10th, 2018 SAT test date is quickly approaching! With just 22 days before the test date, all individuals taking the test should begin to review if they have not done so already. Instead of stressing over formulas or topics that are unlikely to be largely covered on the test students should focus on three crucial things:

  1. Timing- Having proper timing and discipline is by far the most important aspect of taking standardized tests. Lack of proper timing will result in the inability to properly / effectively complete the test, a bad experience, and frustration.
  2. Weak areas- Instead of dedicating your time equally among subject areas target your weakest areas specifically. Supplement your strongest subject areas with 20% – 30% of your time, leaving the rest for areas you struggle most with. There is no time to waste excessively studying something you have high confidence in, instead redirect that time to skills that are more likely to be on the test and that you struggle with. This will ensure you are mentally equipped and 100% ready for the test and anything it can throw at you.
  3. Critical thinking- Understand how to effectively analyze, evaluate, and approach problems. Knowing how to think rationally and actively will place you in the best position you can ever be in on the day of the test. Failure to understand how to think deeply, going beyond just recalling facts or memorization will without a doubt lead you to failure.

The SAT is no joke and should be taken with purpose! Be sure to focus on the three crucial areas above and use the links below to review if you are not currently already doing so.  Best of luck to all fellow test takers!
Study Resources: