Do Your Fear Public Speaking ?

Shaiyann Palmore

Most people fear speaking in public. Whether its giving a presentation, acting out a scene, or giving a speech. Is it due to lack of confidence ? Stage fright ? Lack of experience ? Well many researchers believe that the fear of speaking in public derives from low self-esteem. Poor self-image causes the speaker to be vulnerable to attack. The feeling of nervousness may cause the speaker to stutter, sway back and forth, sweat, or forget their words.
Some might ask how do you get rid of this fear ?  The first step is to build your confidence. Confidence comes from within. Reassure yourself that you are good enough and that you can do anything you put your mind to. Don’t allow the opinion of others to consume you. The next step is to work on public speaking by yourself. Consider the audience that you will speak for and your purpose. While doing so you can decide how you want to deliver your message. The last step is execution. The more experience you have with public speaking the better you will become.