Jaguar cheerleaders are back and better than ever


Kennedi Young

On February 17, 2018 our very own Jaguar cheerleaders took home major wins at The Cheer and Dance extreme’s annual Maryland Madness competition at show place arena! The varsity intermediate team came in and claimed first place as well did the Varsity Advanced team , They also recieved the Best tumbling award , Grand champion award , and a paid bid to Cheer and Dance Extreme’s ” The Finale” competition. ” I am really proud of my team because even with the short practices and last minute changes we worked together and for each other ” says Tamia Thompson, 11th grade. Both teams had competition Varsity intermediate competed against the Lions of Largo High School, and the Gryphon’s of Trinity Christian School, Varsity Advanced competed against the Spartan Queens of St.Charles High School, They also competed against the Wildcats of Anne Arundel High School. Though there were several things that the cheerleaders had to change and adjust just to be able to compete at the competition hard work and dedication paid off.