Compassion for Competition


Tajia Lawrence

On February 24th and 25th, the cheerleaders at Charles Herbert Flowers High School will be competing at one of many anual cheer competitions along the eastern coast. Reach the Beach is a competition opened to the public, which includes schools, recreational teams and even all star teams. Like many competitions worldwide, teams are tested on skill, accuracy and creativity all throughout their 2 minute and 30 second routine. Reporter Tajia Lawerence interviews some of the cheerleaders on the cheer squad to get a glimpse of their emotions.
“How do you guys feel about competing at Reach the Beach in Ocean City ?”:
Kennedi Young: “Nervous, but I believe in my team and I know we will fight for each other.”
Shannon Carroll: “I am more confident then I was last week and I have faith in my team because up until this point we have proved that we can overcome our obstacles.”
Mikayla Powell: “I feel nervous but as long as we fight for everything, be cautious of the person standing next to us on the mat, and stay tight we can win.”
The Main Street Journal wishes all schools a big good luck this weekend at Reach the Beach!