Ms. Lukomska- Schlauch: A Name to Remember

Ms. Lukomska- Schlauch: A Name to Remember

Erica Thorner, General Reporter

Standing in front of the class with her long pony tail swinging is where you will find Ms. Erin Lukomska- Schlauch. Scientifically and genetically inclined with the ability to teach, Ms. LS,  as referred to by many of her students, is starting her first year teaching at Charles Herbert Flowers High School after transferring from Highpoint High School.

Everyone pronounces her last name incorrectly. Interestingly, it is spelled Lukomska- Schlauch but because of her Polish roots, it is pronounced Wha-kumska Sclaw.

“I’m a product of PG County schools,” said Ms. LS.
She is able to relate to students more being that she is from the same public schooling system. Graduating from Parkdale High School in 2005, Ms. LS attended college at the University of Maryland College Park, with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s in Secondary education. Education is very important to her.

“When I was younger I always wanted to help people with education through teaching, and science was the most interesting class to me,” said Ms. LS. as she explains how she got started teaching biology and genetics. She explains it was amazing to see what naturally occurs.

Ms. Lukomska-Schlau has her hands full. She is a sister of the Alpha Theta Gamma Multicultural sorority which is filled with diversity. She is also the president of Alumni at the University of Maryland. With all these activities, Ms. LS always makes time for her students when they need her help.

“The most challenging part of teaching is trying to connect with each different student since they all have their own learning style,” she said. “Individualize teaching is a challenge.”

She goes on by sharing about a teacher she had in high school who was diagnosed with cancer but was still able to make time for her students through all she had to go through. This was her inspiration.

“Being a teacher is super rewarding,” said Ms. LS

With her education and love for teaching she is sure to make a great impact on students.