Famous People in Black History


Cynthia Ofoegbu and Praise Oladoyin

February is ending which means Black History Month is coming to a close, however let’s take a look at some of the famous black African-American Figures from the past and present.

  1. Underground Railroad leader Harriet Tubman
  2. South African President – Nelson Mandela
  3. NAACP founder -W. E. B. Du Bois
  4. Civil rights leader – Dr Martin Luther King Jr.
  5. Bus-riding activist – Rosa Parks
  6. Lynching victim – Emmett Till
  7. ‘Black Power’ advocate- Malcolm X
  8. First African-American U.S. President-  Barack Obama
  9. First African-American First Lady – Michelle Obama
  10. Talk show host – Oprah Winfrey