Should Teachers Have Guns?


Camisha Jenifer

Due to all of the recent chaos the question has been sprung, “Should teachers have guns?” In the wake of the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida the idea to provide school teachers with weapons was suggested to President Donald Trump and supported by the National Rifle Association.
Those who support teachers carrying guns say “Arming teachers would provide a deterrent for would-be school shooters and an extra layer of defense for children”. Those against the use of guns within schools say “The idea of additional guns in schools carries more risks than potential benefits. In addition the presence of an armed deputy at the Parkland High School shows that an armed presence does not mean deterrence”. After having several open discussions in class with teachers and students we all came to a mutual agreement that school is no place for weapons of any sort. School is a learning environment and teachers being able to carry weapons would be a distraction. Some may be scared to be in a environment filled with weapons. Many teachers can not be trusted with the possesion of weapons therefore providing them with these weapons can cause more problems in school environments. Having police officers and trained professionals on school campus is a better alternative but teachers having guns could be the worst thing America does regarding education.