Amazing Amari


Tajia Lawrence

Tajia Lawrence :
Can you tell me about your gymnastic journey ?
Amari Sewell :

“Well I started doing gymnastics at 11 years old and I loved it from the jump. I skipped level 5 and went straight to level 6 after level 4. I went to nationals two years in a row from 2016 and 2017 I got 24th at nationals. In Vegas, I received 8th place all round, 4th on vault, 9th on pommels and rings, and 7th on high bar. I never thought I would make it this far and be doing some of the stuff that I am currently doing or have did. As a kid I tried many different sports and I was good at all of them but I never liked any as much as gymnastics. Going through the different levels, I would win 1st place several times. I have medals and trophies for years showing my hard work and today I still love the sport the same way.”