Study Tips and Methods To Help You Pass Your Classes and Exams


Alexis Jefferson

To be successful at something you have to work at it. In regards to school, that means studying.
Here are things you should do to study effectively:

  1. Focus – This is the most obvious and important thing to do when studying. If you’re not focused you won’t be productive and chances are, if you’re not focused you’re not studying.
  2. Don’t overwhelm yourself – Study in intervals. Attempting to review material all at once is not potent. Study for ten to thirty minutes and take 5 minute breaks in between your studying.
  3. Watch videos – Videos facilitate the studying process by offering a quick and clearer explanation of what’s being taught in class. Here is a link to “Crash Course,” a youtube channel dedicated to a variety of topics from physics to philosophy.
  4. Music – Listening to music that is distracting will prevent you from doing anything productive. Classical music may not be your go-to choice of music but it has been proven to stimulate our minds and help us concentrate.

Here are some classical music suggestions:

5. Separate yourself from any distractions. Whether this means turning off your phone or deleting your twitter app, eliminate anything that will make your studying less effective.
6. Get sleep. It’s a wonderful thing and you can’t function without it.

School is stressful, but always do your best, use your time wisely, and never give up.