Pregnancy on a Rise


MaKia Mcmillan

Teen pregnancy also known as adolescent pregnancy is at an increasing rate in today’s society. For ages 15 and under, when you have sex for the first time your pregnancy risk starts at 46%. For ages above 15, the risk declines to 25%.  At an average, 30% of females drop out of school because of teen pregnancy or parenthood. Almost 1,700 teenage girls get pregnant every single day, which is about 70 girls an hour.
Unfortunately, teen pregnancy can sometimes result in the father not being in their child’s life. This results in the child not having a good relationship with their fathers when they grow older. Some may say parenthood is the reason as to why most children aren’t successful in life. Others may disagree with the following statement. Females at Charles Herbert Flowers High School have been getting pregnant as early as the 9th grade. Many say females should wait till they’re more financially or mentally stable in order to take care of a baby properly and I agree.