“Anti social club” an original poem by Abigail Ndikum

Indira Nzerue

Abigail Ndikum—
Anti social Social Club
“I’m fine.”
No I’m not.
“I’m good.”
Nothing is good about today, Abigail.
“You feeling okay, Abby?”
Man, just shut up.
It’s so much easier to lie.
Tell them what they want to hear,
Or at least how I want to feel
It’s so much easier than explaining what’s wrong.
‘Cause what if I just don’t want to talk?
“What’s wrong, Abigail?”
Leave it be
All because I stand lonely,
There’s suddenly something wrong with me.
First they make eye contact,
Then I watch them move their body slowly
*step, step, step*
Each one bringing them closer
I don’t want to talk
If I’m by myself,
Maybe I want to be alone
Maybe I want silence
Maybe I just want to take a moment to analyze the world and all of it’s actualities.
Just leave me alone, cause I’m fine.