“Empty Potholes” an Original Poem by Abigail Ndikum

Indira Nzerue

Abigail Ndikum—
“Empty Potholes”
Sometimes I really want to cry
My heart races
Head spins,
Lips quiver
And my eyes start to burn –
I hate crying
It makes me appear
Fragile –
And I am not fragile.
My skin may be smooth as a baby’s bum
But when you get to my hands
They are as rough as any man’s.
Burnt from years of touching the fire
The fire that lights my path towards the future.
But the path needs repair
So I get down on my knees
To do the dirty work
And when the job gets tough
I feel my eyes well up
But I know these tears of
And fragileness
Will do nothing but fill these potholes…
And then what?
So I wipe my tears and keep working.