Why Do Students Skip Class?

Tynece Roberts

Many teachers have pondered the question, “Why do students skip class?”.
The two main reasons students skip classes are:

  • The student doesn’t like the class
  • The student didn’t complete an assignment that was due

When students don’t find a class interesting or challenging, they sometimes have a decline in their attendance. This could cause them to suffer not only in attendance, but their grades may also suffer tremendously. An easy way to fix this is to motivate students to attend class. Teachers could offer incentives such as extra credit, a free day, or communicate with administration to get a possible dress down day for students who attend class.
Students also skip classes because they didn’t complete an assignment. This doesn’t help, in fact, they’re hurting themselves in the long run. Not only did they accumulate an absence, but they’ve also earned a zero in SchoolMax. Had they gone to class, they would’ve still gotten a zero, but they could prevent the risk of being marked absent. All in all, both absences and grades should matter to students, and they should do their assignments.
What students fail to realize is that absences pile up, and as a result of the new PG County attendance rule, they can possibly fail the class that they skipped. Additionally, students can jeopardize themselves because colleges not only look at grades, but they also look at attendance. Why would they want you to attend their university if you can’t even go to class?
Make the right decision and go to class!