Teen Pregnancies

Brittney Angu

Teen Pregnancies in Maryland

In Maryland, according to https://www.hhs.gov/ash/oah/facts-and-stats/national-and-state-data-sheets/adolescent-reproductive-health/maryland/index.html, the pregnancy rate of female teens ages 15-19 is 17/1000. Were these accidents? Were these pregnancies wanted? Teen pregnancies interrupt education, causes stress and family issues. Teen pregnancy also increase the possible chance of premature birth, anemia, and hypertension.
In my opinion, teens should remain abstinent from sexual intercourse because of the risks and trouble it comes with. Teen pregnancy makes ones life harder than it can possibly ever get. Being a mother is a huge responsibility and it is a huge decision to make. You are risking continuing your education when getting pregnant. It’s better to think before you to the things you do. It’s better to be safe than stressed out. If you choose to partake in sexual activities then you should use contraception. But just to be safe stay away from sex completely.