Teen Drug Use

Brittney Angu and Praise Oladoyin

According to https://www.hhs.gov/ash/oah/facts-and-stats/national-and-state-data-sheets/adolescents-and-substance-abuse/maryland/index.html, Maryland’s percentage of teen drug users is 49%. That’s basically half of the teens in Maryland.
The most common drug used by teens in Maryland is Marijuana. Many teens feel that illegal drugs are okay. Teens sometimes experiment with drugs. Adolescents are often motivated to seek new experiences, particularly those they perceive as thrilling or daring.
The most common reasons that teens use drugs are to fit in, to feel better, to do better, and to experiment. Teens use drugs to fit in because some of their peers do it and they easily get influenced try the drug. Some adolescents suffer from depression, social anxiety, stress-related disorders, and physical pain. Using drugs may be an attempt to lessen these feelings of distress. Teens often turn to drugs instead of talking to a trusted adult or a counselor to help with their problems. Some teens use drugs to feel good because some of the ingredients in the drugs they use to interact with the brain to produce a chemical that causes pleasure.
Stop drug use! Some teens need to understand that drugs are not the answer to our problems. We teens need to understand that drugs only make things worse.
Some risks of using drugs as a teen are Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, Hypertension,  testicular cancer and more. Stop drug use!