Dissapointing Teachers' Lounges

Nadiyah Williams

The Teachers’ Lounge a beautiful, relaxing place for teachers to get away from screaming children. Here, they are able to sit back in a nice comfy chair, maybe watch a little Tv or quietly catch up on grading papers or just socialize with colleagues. That is how you would imagine a teachers lounge at least. Well, I’m sorry to inform you that your dreams of how a teachers’ lounge will look are absolutely incorrect. At Charles Herbert Flowers High School or should I say, “The Mecca Of Excellence,” I had the opportunity to check out each teacher lounge on each floor. On the first floor the “Best Teachers’ Lounge” is on that floor in that room they have about 3 snack vending machines and 2 drink machines. On top of that, on the first floor, they have a working sink and a working refrigerator. I was able to ask some of the teachers on the first floor how they felt about their lounge and for the most part they seem as though they are happy with their teacher lounge. One teacher said ” Very relaxing place and amazing place to go to so you can get away from the children.” Meanwhile, on the second floor, the teachers’ lounge has broken tables and chairs only one snack machine and only one drink machine, in addition, the second floor teachers’ lounge sink is broken and a substitute teacher said ” I thought it would be way much nicer this is a disgrace and should be no excuse whatsoever”. Meanwhile, on the third-floor teacher lounge, they are also experiencing the same broken chairs and broken tables like the second floor are but on top of that, the floor is missing many tiles. Why is the teacher lounges not being fixed and replaced and how come nobody has fixed the problem yet?