Towson Experience


Carley Walker

On March 14, 2018, Ms.Pea, Prof. Whitworth, and Ms.Joseph took 18 Child Development students traveled to Towson University on a tour bus for a tour of their educational program. Once we arrived to Towson University, the tour guide welcomed us to the university.
As we were waiting for the other schools ( Wise High School and Surrattsville High School) to arrive, we ran into an Charles Herbert Flowers alumni Bryson Robinson.  Bryson is now a second semester freshmen and he stayed with us to make sure we received the best experience.  He  informed us of how Towson was a great school where you get exposed to and experience different things.
Once the other schools arrived, the tour guide took us to the lecture hall to give us further instructions on what the objective for the day will be. The guide gave us three groups, group F, G, and H. I had group H and that was with Mrs.Whitworth our first stop was in a actual class room we observed the class where the professor had gave them a group essay on the topic of racism in school. One of the groups that presented talked about ways to prevent racism in school, one student in their group talked about how she personally experienced a issue when she was in high school and how the issue was resolved. One of the ways she said to prevent this issue is to talk to your counselor on the daily basis to figure out where their head is at and how you can move them in the right track of being positive about certain situations. As I observed, I noticed that everyone was engaged, no one was sleep, no one had phones out they were very focused. After observing the classroom we then went to the library where they had a little scavenger hunt for all the students to participate in. They gave each sponsor a swag bag with little prizes that the we will get after finishing the scavenger hunt. During the scavenger hunt you had to go on each floor and find different things then take a picture with the object to show evidence that you found it. I love the fact that in Towson their were so many students in the library studying, completing homework, or getting help from others. My group won the finished first and we won.
Finally we went to the the cafe and eat and we went to the school store where some students brought things before we left. Overall my experience at Towson was great I experienced a lot this is a great school to attend if you want to be in an environment where there are people of all different races. I also love the fact that they accept you for who you are they do not guide they welcome everyone with open arms I say this because this week was pride week so they had flags up around the school. They also communicate with each other there no matter the color and they expose you to different opportunities I like the fact that they want to see everyone be successful.