Walk out "Protest" Against Gun Violence

Kemi Ibrahim

On March 14, 2018 there was a “walk out” conducted in response to the mass gun violence that is occurring around the United States, more specifically, in schools. Exactly one month before the walk out, on February 14, 2018, there was a shooting at Parkland high school and because of our unsafe gun laws 17 teenagers lost their life that day. This demonstration took place from 10:00am-10:17am; the 17 minutes are to represent each life lost in the shooting that took place in the Parkland shooting.
In PGCPS, students were allowed to walk out voluntarily not not permitted to walk past school grounds. At Charles Herbert Flowers, the protest was controlled and took place in the bus parking lot, 17 orange balloons were released into the sky to represent the 17 people that died. The color symbolizes gun violence awareness.
The demonstration was conducted well besides the fact that it was not an actual “demonstration” or “protest”. For events like this, no body should have to “ask permission” to stand up for what they believe in. The sole purpose of the “walk out” is to fight against gun violence and “stick it to the man” in order to capture the attention of lawmakers, a     19 year old should not be able to legally purchase an assault rifle in the United Sates. A “protest” put on by the administration where they controlled us, is not legitimate or affective. According to a student who attended the walk out, “More than half of students in this school didn’t walk out side because they care about the issues, they just wanted to get out of class. They had the audacity to talk, laugh, and make jokes rather than be quiet when we had a moment of silence.” However, other schools across the United States performed the “Walk Out” with the intent to make a difference and influence lawmakers to change gun laws. This needs to stop, we as a nation need to do better, we are a first-world country with laws that do more harm than good. #ENOUGH