Girls Basketball: Flowers vs. Duval

Jahne' Campbell, General Reporter

On Tuesay Dec. 6th at 5:30 pm at Duval High School, the Lady Jaguars started their first game of the season. Once the referee threw the ball in the air, the game began. JV girls caught the ball and were also the first to score in the game within ten seconds. Doing exceptional teamwork, they blew out the Duval Tigers in the first quarter with a stunning 16-0. Duval finally scored a two pointer during the second quarter, but were nowhere close to closing the gap in the score, now 34-2.
“Wow, they are truly doing some damage,” said Monique Harris, a freshmen attendee at Flowers.
The once rowdy Duval crowd quieted down as the Lady Jaguars took over the court, and no one was able to stop their determination. The applause and cheers were thundering for the Jaguars, and as the game ended the final score was be 56-16. What a wonderful way to start out the season. Congratulations JV!
Additionally, on Tuesday Dec. 6th, at 7:15pm, the Lady Jaguars varsity basketball team played against the Duval Tigers. The Duval Tigers took a loss for this game.The final score was 67-25.