Gun Violence Prevention

Cynthia Ofoegbu

            What is one of the world’s major problem in my eyes, Gun Violence? Gun Violence is affecting everyone ranging from adults to children. Recently, an infamous school shooting occurred, which killed 17 people in Majority Stone man Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. This has to be prevented, but cannot be prevented if we are giving teachers guns for protection. Whether it is for safety or not, a gun is still a gun and could hurt and kill someone. A gun should not be sold to just anyone and people should not have the authority to be able to have a gun on them like it is nothing.
          To prevent gun violence, I feel like we should better school security. People should not just be able to walk into a school and no one notices. We should make sure that no one could just buy a gun off the streets, because more than likely, they are going to use it to harm someone. My feelings towards gun violence, is really that no one should own a gun, because even though police officers are supposed to have guns on them they are the main one causes gun violence.