Teachers Inspiring the Lives of Students


MaKia Mcmillan

One of our fellow teachers, Ms. Joyce Price, works with all her students to ensure that they are prepared for the world after graduation. While teaching, she makes sure all her students are understanding of the lessons and work. Ms. Price teaches self love, self respect, and she always tells us, “whatever you do in life be the best at it and always stay dedicated.” She ensures all students who have learning disabilities are receiving the best help to accommodate them. Students always feel safe to express their feelings, learn to respect and listen to others. Ms. Price creates a welcoming environment for all students and makes sure all students know that they’re an integral part of the classroom.
Ms. Price not only let her students know that they can depend on her, but also she tells them they can depend on the entire class. She’s approachable to not only her students but everyone on the school campus. She has good listening skills and takes the time out of her day to listen to anybody who needs her. Her expectations for her students greatly affect their achievements throughout their four years in high school. She’s constantly going to training, meetings and teaching courses to renew herself as a professional on a quest to provide students with the highest quality of education possible. Ms. Price conveys this sense of leadership to students by providing opportunities for all of her students to assume leadership roles during high school and after high school. She uses constructive criticism and advice as an opportunity to grow as an educator.
When I first came to Charles Herbert Flowers High school in 9th grade, I was looked at as a menace to society, disrespectful and I had criminal charges following me. I was mad at the world, I had a bad attitude, and I felt like I could do what I want without any authority redirecting me. I came across Ms. Price one evening and she sat me down, told me the importance of school, explained why I needed to respect adults, and she really impacted me.
She always pushed me to become better each day. When teachers would tell her how disrespectful I was, she would say “MaKia isn’t a bad person. She just needs guidance and someone to push her to become better.” I came in Flowers with a 1.1 GPA, 7 suspensions, 15 PS 74’s and 3 criminal charges. I grew up in Southeast, Washington. Therefore, I experience a lot growing up. I have always been labeled in society as a bad person and I never had a passion for school. I currently hold a 2.9 GPA, 0 suspensions, No PS 74’s and all my criminal charges got sealed last october. She wanted to help me stay from around Southeast. She helped me obtain my first job at Harris Teeter in December and I’ll forever be grateful. Ms. Price played a big role in my life. She work with me and my mother to turn my life around. She taught me self love, self worth, and how to act positive and always kill negative thoughts.
I got myself together, started to walk in my truth, and started doing my best in school. She recruited me on her modeling team, got me trained, and I started performing with her team. She’s a sponsor and coach of the top modeling high school team in the DMV. She produces beneficial men and women to society. The modeling team has 38 people on the team who each holds the GPA of 2.8’s or higher. She saw something in me that I never saw in myself. I hated school and didn’t want to go to college at all. Now, I would like to attend NCCU University in Durham, North Carolina. I would like to study criminal justice and later on go to law school to become a criminal lawyer for the District of Columbia.
I feel like Ms. Price goes above and beyond for her students to be successful while in the school building, classroom, and society. A lot of her work goes unnoticed. That’s why I’m taking this time to recognize her before I graduate. I will forever be changed, motivated, and have a great desire to be educated. I will always remember what Ms. Price poured into me and accomplish everything God has for me. There should be more teachers such as Ms. Price in Prince George’s County Public Schools to turn students lives and circumstances around.