Can Extra Curricular Activities Keep Students Out Of Trouble ?

Kennedi young

Being a student-athlete is very hard!
When it comes to keeping up with your GPA ,and the late practices, you would think things would start to get hectic. Supposedly this difficulty often causes students to fail when it comes to meeting the minimum gpa required to play their sport, but most student-athletes tend to get better grades because they love their sport and don’t want to stop playing the sport, the same thing occurs with trouble, student-athletes tend to want to stay out of the mix because they have something to lose.
Being a Student-Athlete, maintaining your gpa, and staying out of trouble is important. Once you’re on a team your coaches become your second parents, and just like you don’t want to disappoint your biological parents, you don’t want to disappoint your coaches either.
Extra curricular activities can keep you on your best when it comes to school, students with a passion for something fight for what they want !