Why Schools Should Have More Security

Carley Walker

Have you ever wondered if our school safe?
Schools should have more security because with everything that has been going on we need to make sure that we are safe during school hours. If you have watched the news for the past couple of months you see that their has been at lot of school shootings; with that being said I think that we should take this lightly and we need to be prepared for anything.
Ways to prevent things from happening

  • Making sure that students that do not attend the school do not come in the building – You do not know what their intentions are for coming up to the school and it is just the simple fact that outsiders do not belong in the school period! We need security to make sure that no other students are entering the building.
  • Watching Cameras in the building- Security needs to watch the cameras to make sure that no students have anything that they shouldn’t because if a fight breaks out and a person gets stabbed or shot the parents are going to look at the teachers, administrators, and principles like they are crazy because why didn’t they check for these things before it happened.
  • Making sure that all the doors around the building is secured- This is to make sure that no outsiders will be able to walk into the school during school hours and the school building is secured while students are in a learning environment.