How to Handle Bullies

Carley Walker

Ways to handle bullying situations:

  • Be Confident- Once a bully realizes that you are being confident about yourself they start to lose their power because now they know that you are going to stick up for yourself.
  • Having Supportive Friends- One of a bullies purposes is to make you feel as if you’re a nobody and your alone, but you can change that and reclaim your power by having supportive friends and adults that stay by your side during this. This shows the bully that they care about you and that you are not alone.
  • Standing up for yourself- Don’t let the bully get under your skin that’s what he/she wants. Practice your response so you’re prepared the next time something happens and you can respond without getting emotional. Do not let a bully see that you are affected by what they are saying to you. That encourages a bully to keep bullying you because they see that they can get to you.
  • Separate yourself from the bully- Avoid being the near the bully surround yourself with positive vibes.
  • Stop playing the victim-  A bully only picks with a person that they see as weak or vulnerable, start putting your foot down to certain things so they can realize that you are not a weak person that they can push around.