Guest Speaker in Journalism 4B

Jessica Osuchukwu

On March 26, 2018, Ms. Whitworth had a guest speaker named Christopher Stevenson come and speak to her class about education and student rights. Stevenson is a community liaison that works for the Senator. His job is to attend various meetings can apply his input on issues and matter that affect our community. He is a firm believer in “having a voice” and speaking up for what you believe is right.
Ms. Whitworth met Stevenson in 2004 due to the fact that they run in the same circles together. Stevenson is a 2008 graduate of DuVal High School. Following his high school graduation, he went on to attend George Washington University for an undergraduate major in Political Science. Now, he is a current graduate student at the same university and majors in Public Affairs.
Overall, Christopher Stevenson taught us that it is important to practice civic engagement and continuously speak up for yourself and have a voice. The students learned a lot from him and hope to apply the knowledge they gained into the real world.