I Met Christopher Stevenson

Christopher Stevenson

On Monday, March 26, I met Mr. Christopher Stevenson. He came to speak to my 4B Journalism class about civic engagement. Christopher Stevenson is the community liaison and he works for the current senate of district 5, Joanne Bisen. He is also a politician, he is a democrat. The way he explained civic engagement to my class was by saying how it affects mostly the youth. He told the class that we need to speak up about problems, any type of problems. Federal, county or state issues, everyones voice needs to be heard. He said we just didn’t know where to put it. He told us that society sees youth as a threat since we are hold biggest population. He also explained how our school’s county, (PGCPS) is using students going to school as a business, not an educational system like other counties. I learned a lot from him, I even took a picture with him.