Behind Black Panther

Kelechi Ihejirika

The world’s favorite movie right now, just recently crossed the threshold of one billion dollars worldwide in the box office standing at $1,241,058,31. Black Panther remains on top for five weeks. The reasons behind its success are varied and plentiful. A major concept of the movie is the division between people of African descent and those who are Africans (whose parents were born in the continent). The divideĀ of blacks and Africans have always been present but never approached. Is there hate? Envy?
In the movie, we see Erik Killmonger as an outcast of Wakanda because his Wakandan father had a child with an American woman. Erik Killmonger struggles to get accepted into his homeland being that he is an outsider. The truth is, Blacks used to tease African Americans for their names and facial features. But nowadays Blacks want to become part of their culture. This movie is believed to show the current status of the relationship. Africans learned to embrace their culture more and Americans want to now learn about it.
The movie tackles many important issues and is a must-see.