Gun Ownership

Ibrahim Abass

Earlier on CNN, two men were arguing and talking about how ownership of guns should be monitored and watched carefully by people. One was giving examples of incidents such as some school shooting and shootings happening in other areas.
90% of Americans think that ownership on guns should be monitored because anybody could be a victim of a gun shooting.

  • There are more than 350 million guns in circulation in the United States about 113 guns for every 100 people.
  • 1.7 million children live with unlocked, loaded guns, 1 out of 3 homes with kids have guns.
  • In 2014, 2,549 children died by gunshot and an additional 13,576 were injured.
  • An emergency department visit for non-fatal assault injury places a youth at 40 percent higher risk for subsequent firearm injury.
  • People who die from accidental shooting were more than three times as likely to have had a firearm in their home as those in the control group.