How Can We Make Flowers A Better Place?

Lateefah Fatunbi

Making Flowers a better place lies in the hands of our community. I’m talking about parents, pastors, teachers, students, janitors, security, administration —everyone. If everyone understands where the other person is coming from, then we can all work together to help each other out and make our community better. We can help students get jobs, internships, and add more clubs and just do things that students find fun or interesting.
Issues we need to discuss include where children are getting guns from, exposure to violence/background upbringing, mental health and so much more. If the amount of firearms sold to minors were decreased, there would be a decrease in crime. We yell Black Lives Matter, but what about all the Black on Black crimes that’s happening? What about the backgrounds checks? What about the emotional and physical way people were brought up? We not only have to put focus on the children but also the adults. Some adults are not worthy of having children with some of the things they have them doing.  Background checks, safe storage rules, and more prosecution of gun trafficking are all ways we can lower gun violence. Also we hear way too often about the right to “bear arms” as a reason to prevent the United States from enacting new and better gun laws.
The advancements in technology and medical centers have recently caused gunshot wound victims to survive, but that’s not the point. People really don’t act upon or do anything to try to help stop gun violence because it doesn’t affect them. Don’t wait until something bad happens to get yourself more involved. Getting ahold of the reality of everyday gun violence and acting upon it will someday put a stop to it.