Starbucks Controversy


Jade Banks

Recently, within a business called Starbucks there has been a racial incident that is spreading controversy throughout America. This may be just me, but I don’t feel as though this was a race issue but more of an ignorance issue. Everywhere across America there are countless restaurants, diners, and establishments that do not allow you to use their facilities unless you are going to purchase or have purchased something from them, in this case it was no different. I’m not sure which media outlets have shown the full video or not but one of the African Americans in the situation had asked if the white man named Westin if he had purchased something before using the restroom, to which he replied “no”, but afterward said that he was planning on purchasing a sandwich.  Below is an attached link to the incident:
Starbucks in Los Angeles accused of racism in bathroom incident …
I personally don’t think that this incident is what people are making it out to be. I acknowledge the resourcefulness of the people who can make an incident into a widespread issue as some are making it. I simply think this resulted from a policy that did not want to give non-paying customers access to their facilities, because it may result in overcrowding of that particular space. However, there just happened to be a white man who walked into the store at the perfect opportunity to make an issue out of something that was not an issue. I would just like to say that I am not defending anyone that was involved in the video clip, and I am not trying to fabricate a story about something that is a real issue. The customers may have been impolite beforehand or were just not interested in purchasing any items from the store to gain access to the restroom.
Racism is a huge issue within America and there will never be a way to make certain people see the errors in their ways, and protesting surely won’t do anything now. People have become tolerant to their beliefs and they will stick by them unless they experience first hand what their hatred means and how it affects people. You cannot blame a girl who was not willing to break a policy within that private business, for two men that were not following the rules/guidelines like everyone else. Also when you call the police on the property of a private business they ask you to leave the property and if you do not comply you are removed from that premise. Therefore, the two men must have been compliant with the request of the officers.
One last point is that some people just want to jump on the Starbucks hate bandwagon all of a sudden due to the recent controversy and act as if three weeks from now that they won’t be back in Starbucks again buying their decaf macchiato with double cream. I surely won’t stop going to Starbucks after this because I love their coffee.
Most times these days people will literally do anything to go viral or be on the news, including making a situation out of one’s own wrongdoing.

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