How to Stay Safe on College Campus

Jahne’ Campbell, Staff Writer

Earlier this month at Northwestern University in Chicago, a student was mobbed by a group of people for his cell phone behind the campus cafeteria. Burglaries and sex offenses increased at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. A 19 year old was stabbed to death by her roommate at Bowie State University in Maryland.

As crime rates rise at universities and colleges, seniors preparing to go to college need to take extra precautions in choosing what college they would like to attend.

When applying for college , request information about the crime rates. You can also take it upon yourself to do your own research about the school. Look for safety statistics of your college/university at

What are some tips or questions that seniors can ask while visiting campus? Talk to the campus public safety office, stay on or near campus at night, and be aware of your surroundings.

“I feel safe because I only take one class on campus and know a lot of people, so I don’t feel threatened. I try not to talk to people I don’t know,” said Kiana Simmons, a sophomore at Prince Georges Community College.

There are other ways to stay safe. Make sure when you go someplace that you are not alone and always carry your cellphone.

“I make sure someone knows where I am at all times & keep 911 on speed dial,” said Lynn Dukes who attends Everest College.

Staying safe is very important and should be a priority to you. These are some of the precautions students should take. What will you do to stay safe?